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hazel blog

You captured my heart

in one blink of the eye

with that gorgeous smile

with that little sparkle of life.

I made a mistake

you wanna just

take me like takeaway.

I open the door and let you in

now I cant be holded with it

Its just not enough

I need you believe in me

wouldn't do to let me be alone in the dark

Unanswered questions just open new doubts

every step further make fears stronger

If I start to run I will runaway

To take it or leave it?

If I take, I will be a giver who lose himself

If I leave, I will be a winner who lose

There is no winning in this silly game

There is no comfort in playing

There is no perfect button for escape

You tide me with thin strings

But I was the one who let you to captured me

in too small frame

Every time you look at me I feel the same

you just see dust on me

but my heart beats like rock star drummer

Fingers betrayed me,

they wont untied the laces,

they wont release you

There is no chance to be smart in this

or to be the brave.

I'm scared of my pride

he always make a mistake

and injured my heart.

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