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Sexy,Sexy & Sex appeal too

One of the most commonly used words that men use when writing comments on girls photos is " Sexy " I think that almost every girl in the world wants to feel sexy,wants to look good,and would like attention from a nice,caring and sincere man.

But what does the word " Sexy " mean to you ? " Sex appeal " in a girl is seen by most men as seeing photos of a girl dressed provocatively and often too seeing a girl exposing her body,a flash of legs and the revealing of her breasts.Yes sure seeing a girl dressed in such a way may look sexy.But yet a girl can look sexy without having to go around showing so much flesh.Seeing a girl dressed elegantly and posing in a seductive manner but yet without showing her body half naked is just as sexy too.

As a foreigner here on this site I noticed Immediately that there are so many Beautiful girls here on this website Karike.com.And if any man on this site was to view the photos of every girl and go around writing comments on the photos of every girl here on this site,then he would be sat there at his compter screen for a very,very long time Indeed,just constantly writing " Sexy,Sexy,Sexy,Sexy " Sure,it may be a nice sounding word and one that a girl wants to hear said to her,but of course only if it`s said in a very sincere manner too.But in my opinion the word " Sexy " is far too over used and for many men on this Internet it seems like it`s just about the only word they know in their vocabulary.Oh but wait a moment,there is another word almost all men know as well,that`s the word " Hot "

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