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NewSensation blog

What is the first thing that attracts us to a person we`ve never seen or met before ? Even before we`ve even exchanged words by computer written messages or even spoken verbally,the first thing we notice is the appearance of the person from their photo.

I always wonder to myself why is it that some girls feel the need to put so called " Sexy " photos on their profiles,often as the main picture on the profile page too,in order just to attract attention from men.Of course,I`m sure it`s true that every girl wants to look and feel good about herself and also I`m sure it`s correct in saying too,that most girls love receiving male attention,providing of course if that attention is wanted and not unwanted attention from whichever man it may be.

What something a girl said to me made me think.A girl who had one of those so called " Sexy " eye-catching photos as her main profile picture,she was posing in a bikini under the sun.Nothing wrong in that at all,but yet it`s always photos such as that which will attract attention from men and make their eyes pop out,probably sending their heartbeats through the roof too.Anyway she said to me " I put this photo as my main picture,otherwise I`d never receive any messages from boys if I`d have just put a normal fully clothed and " Unsexy " photo there " After she said that it made me think.A girl saying that makes me think this.Is she so desperate for some attention from any males that she`s just using her " Hottest " photo to attract men,have some fun and games without any Intention at all of forming a lasting friendship ? Is she just feeling lonely or perhaps even bored and is wanting to tease men online just for a laugh ? Because by what she said it makes it sound like to me that maybe she is not confident in herself,by not putting up a normal photo,But instead putting up this " Sexy,Hot " picture.And also if a girl thinks like that,in posting a photo such as that just to make sure she receives messages from boys,well then the girl surely must be plainly just there as an " Attention Seeker " And in my opinion that also makes the boys/men who write to her,just because of one dumb sexy photo,as vain and Immature as what she is herself.

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