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The date of 14 February is known throughout the world as the day of " Love " Yes,Saint Valentines Day is supposedly the special day in the entire year that you declare your love to that special person.It`s such a sweet idea,and to receive an anonymous card from an admirer or even to receive a named card from your beloved are both equally as pleasant feelings.Just to know that there is someone out there in this big,wide world who actually does truly care about you.And although this date of 14 February is the only named day on the calendar of the year for " Love " well I think that if a person loves you and you love them equally as much in return,then every single day of the year should be just like Saint Valentines Day in which you let your loved one know truly how much they mean to you.Love is such an amazing thing for anyone to have,and it is something that should be cherished because finding " True Love " and that special person in this world is certainly not easy at all.

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