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NewSensation blog

A warm breeze is blowing,

As our feet caress the sand,

Looking at the sky overhead,

In the shoreline holding hands

Peaceful and quiet,

The puffy clouds blow by,

The sun warms our skin,

I have never felt so alive

Then quietly we sit,

Gazing into each others eyes,

The sounds of seagulls and the waves splashing,

And a ships horn echoes for miles

This precious day together,

Feels like it`s just you and me,

I want this to last forever,

With you I want to be

Now the horn fades away,

With a deep and mournful sound,

The sun is setting far away,

As we lay there on the ground

Just before we leave,

You take my fingertips,

And tell me to close my eyes,

As you softly kiss my lips

Then as I open them,

You let go of my hand,

And there you wrote I love you,

Right there on the sand

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