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Pirogoeth blog
Midnight and light breeze are precious moment,
yes that it is.
Smell of the wind in the clear night sky,
and tickling of grass on field under me.
There is no better moment then this,
there is no better feeling then this,
yes that it is.
Blue rose in the center of the grass field is center of my attention,
that rose is most beautiful dancer on this wind I ever saw.
Gentle yet so kind it seems in swarm of fireflies and lovely sound of crickets,
a perfect stage for a perfect dancer,
yes that it is.
A whisper of surrounding trees over that stage seems like audience looking night special,
a fall of leaves is like weak applause of cheering that blue rose,
yes that it is.
And sky high moon is smiling on me,
looking at all of this,
yes that it is.
Really Magic of nature this is, so lively,
so warm and pretty,
this must be a gift from gods for me to see,
yes that it is.
But biggest happening on that magic night was,
when you came to enjoy it with me,
yes that is it.


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