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Pirogoeth blog
This night, this night is quite young.
It's only recently stepped into Wolf hour, yet it's so peaceful and quiet.
Ah look at that pretty moon up in the starry sky, I can see clearly his rays of silver.
Everything around me is sparkling, it's so beautiful.
No sign of danger, not even one living soul around...
What a beautiful night this is, enjoying sounds of insects gazing into full moon.
Gorgeous night symphony it is, moment to remember forever.
After some time is passed by me in this bless, I heard a sound unlike those of insects.
It disturb this great symphony, rusting from near bushes split my ears.
I took a quick look at the bush....
Someone is coming out of it, it's a public place what did you expect? I thought.
I noticed I couldn't shake my eyes from that person, in all this beauty and joy of night,
She is now in the center of my attention.. I gazed in her, gazed and gazed, like some poor fool I was.
She turned her head from her distant look at somewhere, as I was thorn in her eye and gently smiled at me.
She was beautiful I thought.
Long dark hair sparkling under moon light, so white and soft skin like snow, her cat like yellowish eyes. long neck with black ribbon on it, gorgeous black dress like from ball podiums.....
What a sight to remember for eons ahead, just like moon goddess herself.
I'm glad I'm here tonight, separated from the real world in this fairy tale like night.
I wanted to approach her, to ask her for name, to talk, to look at her for whole night.
But courage is nowhere to be found in that moment., shame, I started pitting myself, almost crying in begging my body to move.
Yet my body was frozen in fear, shaking like leaf.
She was still smiling beautifully and glared with her cat like eyes.
What is this fear.... I'm shaking more and more at every passing moment.
She walked like gracious like huntress of some sort toward me slowly, I couldn't move a finger.
Freezing in fear like fly in spider web, all I could do is looking this goddess of the night approach me.
Right as that thought finished, she was right in front my nose, touching all over me.
Whispering something I couldn't understand at all, kissed my neck and disappeared in dept of the night.
I fall on my knees in cold sweat, not even for moment I couldn't shake her of my mind...
What a night... What a thing to happen to me, I was shocked.
And after nights and nights that will pass later on, I was waiting her at the same spot, but never saw her again.


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