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Pirogoeth blog
Hurt badly,
I ask for your hand,
for your help.
Are you there to give me that hand,
wrap me in hope and meaning of life.
Ouch I done it again,
becoming gray person all over again.
I feel uneasy, lonely and sad deep inside,
will you be there,
there for me.
I look for you today again,
be my friend,
warm my heart,
bring colors to my life.
Embrace me,
with the color of warmth,
color of happiness and care or love.
Lost to the emptiness I fell unsafe,
please hold my hand.
Thorough my veins only lies run,
pain and suffering from loneliness.
Please help me,
hold me again and again,
embrace me again and again,
save me from this nightmare dear friend.
This life is so fragile,
like a glass of dirty water,
that fill my soul.
Cleanse me from this feelings,
Bring some life into me.
My dearest loving friend.


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