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Robert Calvert - The Siren

I was never really one

Who was moved by music

To much of an extent.

But when I heard

That song, that song

That played on the strings of the wind,

I could not resist. And half my crew

Were sirenized so out of mind

We lost our course, went

Aground on rocks, and wrecked

Beyond repair.

Now I've heard her singing

Closer to,

Without the orchestra of storm

And the swaying choir of waves

For backing, it is nothing

Very special. Not much

Of a tune to it. Nothing

To really knock you out.

And as I plot

My position, escaping

On trades of ink into maps,

I can see the flashing of her eyes

At the edge of my sight.

Like the knife -

Glint glances that stab

Form doorways in the red-

Light districts of any port.

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