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Silence burns my ears. Without music my mind is uncontrolled and the stupid, unimportant and completely useless portion of my brain starts to turn on. And when the silence is persistent enough, my mind ventures off to an absolutely horrid place where I feel and think the most annoying human emotions possible; I hate myself in that place. With music, I can control my emotions, my mood, my thoughts, and my mind. The song dictates what I feel and how I think, and with that, I can easily contain the power of my brain. That’s why I study with music. The irresponsible section of my brain enjoys the music and is distracted, like giving a child a toy to play with, so that the advanced, highly intelligent, creative and focused part of my brain can be used to full capacity. It is disciplined, understanding, and daunting. But we all have two sides to us. We all have that portion of our personality or mind that we wish and choose to ignore and forget. That is why I am constantly surrounded by music. Without it, I am both sides. I hate both sides

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