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There are competitions all around the world for supposedly judging the so called " Beauty " of a woman/girl.Many of these competitions are referred to as " Miss ... " Such as " Miss World,Miss Universe," and so on and so on...

But yet how is it possible for a panel of judges or a vote from the public to determine which woman/girl is the so called most " Beautiful " ? Because with the use of make-up,hair extensions,fake suntan,longer length stuck on eye lashes and nails,then almost any woman/girl can transform herself into looking like a beautifully attractive candidate to win these so called " Miss ... " competitions.In reality what you are seeing is,in lots of cases only a " Fake Beauty " from the outside.As if you removed all the layers and layers of make-up and fake suntan then many of these women/girls would not even draw any attention at all to most men.Reading an article about these kind of female beauty competitions I have seen lots of comments from other " Natural " women who are actually criticizing both the competitions and also many of the women/girls taking part in them.Saying that many of these women/girls are not natural in any way at all and just plaster themselves in so much make-up along with the other add-ons,in order just to make themselves look so called " Sexy & Glamorous " which by doing that gets them attention and gives them a much better chance of winning such beauty contests as the ones they enter.

The fact is that the true beauty in any female comes from within the heart and not just solely from a woman/girl covered in enough make-up to open up a beauty salon with.

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