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DarkAngel86 blog

10% of me the rest of 90% is for who really knows me!

I don't want to be special, all the bitches are special.
Who needs to know something about me already knows ... Who doesn't,don't need to know anything.
Often, I wish you did not go all with the boots in my life!
I have not Attacked anyone for my own pleasure!
I take criticism as an evil that I do well .. but I do hate that excessive sick!
When you criticize me and you offense, I think it's my right to tell you to go fuck!
I have not broken relationships, broken hearts, I never mocked.
I followed my instincts.
I did not stepped on Corpses, and did not scramble!
I hate lying, I love honest people without vested interests!
I always say what I think, unfortunately for me
If the first time I saw you not stand , it's very hard to change my mind now!
I do not wear lenses, false nails, false eyelashes or extensions!
I do not live in memories!
I love nights lost in two!
I believe more in me, and I do not believe in The world around me
I hate bullshit!
I Never sell my feelings whatever price!
I don't want anything from anyone, I have everything!
Never give up on my ideas!
I like to give you on the nose and demonstrate that I can be more than what you think about me
I admit when I'm wrong!
I cry sometimes, but never in front of anyone !
Soul is more important than anything else! catch fire if I'm offended.
hypostasis My pictures or they are made, not show how smart or how geek am I!
Really hate one person and I have every right to do that!
Do not ever judge anyone, everyone has the right to be what he wants!
I learned that money does not make you smart pocket .. you were born stupid, stay stupid, stupid die!
May be highly educated and extremely jerk who does not respect me!
I lied, but I also told them the truth!!
There are moments when I laught with great lust moments that smile, the smile forced moments, moments that fall on the thoughts and moments when I feel sad and cry .. What others think about me is not my problem!
And often chose to leave before being disappointed!
Do not forget anything!
One person made ​​me change and I thank!
I hate women who sale themselves to anyone!
I became gradually bitch from the first failed relationship that I had.
Considering that they've been through, I would declare a medium to advanced level bitch!
I always believed that you have to fight for what you have and then have to fight to keep what you win!I'm afraid of feelings .. because when I love, I forget all about me!
Not offence my intelligence!

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gresnik (41)
this is realy hard to understand
#1, 17.12.2012 - 20:39
sorry,try it now...it was a problem and i didn't saw it.
18.12.2012 - 19:19

offline DarkAngel86 (30)
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