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The silent roads that the energies of the universe trod along, following their programs of
functioning and development could be represented on the maps of the universe with great
precision. However, much more important are the activities of the energies and their functions
and the functions of their development in this silent pace. Each of the energies was created so
that it could do something in the universe, so that it could fulfill their task that was given to
them by the Creator through the programs that coincided with the creation of these energies.
Those programs contained the development programs of those energies, and they were
supposed to gradually activate them independently of the Creator. Of course, their activation
should remain within the framework of what the Creator gave them in regards to their
development. In the same way the program of their work and functioning fits the work of
certain functions within the universe, regardless of whether these energies are one
insignificant segment or a spinal column of the entire program, so are they irreplaceable and
no program can take place in full capacity and in a correct way.
What do these developmental programs contain? They contain the wishes and inclinations
that the Creator brought into such an energy for their future development and their future
functioning. In coordination with their capacities, the energies develop these programs
gradually, bit by bit, and each new segment is a step in the development of the program, i.e.
the realization of the next step in the development of the energy. Those developmental
programs most often contain the same predisposition had by the programs of the basic functioning of these energies: they do their function in the universe and cooperate with certain
energies on accomplishing mutual tasks. Consequentially, it means that the development
programs represent the complexity and reaching for the perfection of the functioning of such
an energy within the scope of its work and the improved and more complete cooperation with
other energies. Also, the new energies are dealing with both the old and new tasks in their
cooperation. Therefore, the programs of normal functioning of the energies as well the
programs of the development are within the framework of what they should be doing that has
been planned by the Creator. They can not deal with certain functions that do not go along
with the global program given to them by the Creator. That is why the development of an
almost limitless number of energies in the universe will not lead to certain deviations in
regards to the harmonious work of the universe. On the contrary, even though the contents
and the subtlety of the functioning are increased they will not spoil the synchronized work of
the entire universe. Their development will lead only to the improvement of the harmony that
exists even today among the energies of the universe. All ways of cooperation among the
energies of the universe have already been included into the development program of the
universe that was thought up by the Creator. This means that there is no aberration in the
ways of cooperation among the infinity of the energies in the universe. This picture of a
foreseeable, secure, synchronized and harmonious universe should not give one an
impression of a clock mechanism, or robot-energies. On the contrary, there are very many
ways to improve the contents of the functioning and contents of the developmental programs
that represent the immeasurable wealth of these energies. The universe with its capacities
reminds of a field filled with various flowers, colors, scents, sizes, shapes that gradually
change their shapes, the way they look, smell, by crossing and creating even more diversity
that makes this picture even fuller. Exactly those limitless capacities of the development of the
universal energies including their super-intelligence speak about the wealth of the contents
and capacities in their functioning and development.

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