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Why do we almost not mention the matter in our overview of the functioning of the universe?
Because the matter is only a fruit of reciprocal effects of some energies with the presence of
the third, catalyst, energy, which complies the energies to dense and turn to solid matter. The
matter is a part of the energy, its dense segment. One can ask a question: If the energy that
created the matter was super-intelligent, what happens to the matter? Is it capable of thinking
and intelligence? Does it have development programs? Does it develop? By merging two
energies and turning them into their dense substance, the intelligence of the energies that
participated in the process is by all means transferred, too. This means that the matter can be
intelligent, not intelligent or super-intelligent, if the original energies were of the respective
sorts. However, the presence of the intelligence of the energy in the matter can not be long,
because the matter can not function as energy. The intelligence of the energy is lost in the
proportion that was included in the functioning of the energies and in the development
process. Unfortunately, this function is dealt with most by the biggest part of the intelligence of
the energy, so that the rest of the intelligence of the energy that is connected to some other
aspects of the existence of the energy is but a segment of the entire intelligence and it stays in
the matter that was created from these energies. This intelligence still has a great capacity for
the further development of the intelligence that is now connected to inanimate matter.
However, the capacities of the development of the inanimate matter, the capacities of its
functioning in coordination with the functioning of the entire universe, according to the
Creator's idea, are very modest in comparison to the functioning of the energies, especially
the super-intelligent ones.The intelligence of the matter is never lost, it exists within the scope of a weak energy shield
around each bit of inanimate matter, which is actually its aura that lives as long as that matter
does. The aura of the inanimate matter is a weak energy structure that influences very weekly
and slowly the functioning and the development of the very matter. Yet, without this week
intelligent structure, the life of the matter would be completely stopped. The bigger the
particles of the matter, the bigger the auras i.e. the intelligent energies that stay attached to
the matter after it emerged as a product of energies. They can be extremely developed with
some material structure, and they can create the complex systems of the aura that function
very efficiently. Such systems occur around big complexes of inanimate matter, such as
planets, stars, nebulae of great proportions. The most interesting energy to the people is the
energy of planets and stars. The energy structure of the planet Earth consists of a large
number of small energy auras that came along with the small and big chunks that joined it
during its journey through the universe. When these structures joined into the mass of one
planet most of the individual auras joined one aura, the aura of the planet, that is wrapped
around the Earth, quite close to its surface. One bit of these auras, however, remains adjoined
to each of the chunks that make up the Earth, and in this way it creates a conglomerate of a
number of elements that the Earth consists of, starting from the particles of dust, to big
meteors that the Earth picked up on the way. Each of these elements that make up the planet
Earth consists out of the matter and thin vibrant remaining parts of their auras. These remains
of the auras in a certain way define the behavior of these segments of the Earth, their
development and life that are in most part affected by the mutual aura that encircles the entire
planet. In that way the aura of the planet, i.e. the aura of the inanimate matter, that has
reached great proportions represents a special complex energy structure that originated from
the parts of small auras of material elements the entire planet consists of. This aura of the
planet has its intelligence and this intelligence is the average intelligence of all the elements of
the auras it consists of. The development components of the auras lead to the development of
the intelligence of the very aura and its capacity of functioning, as well as its influence on the
functioning of the planet. By developing gradually, auras of certain planets may reach
exceptionally high levels of development and be precious because of its being specific in
certain parts of the universe. The Earth, however, has not been around for so long, and
besides, the elements it consists of are in most part the cosmic dust and tiny meteorites that
did not have significantly intelligent auras. Because of this, the overall aura of the planet has
started its development on a relatively low level, and the short time of its existence did not
allow its full development.
The auras of the stars have a different structure because the autonomy of the parts it was
made of was lost due to the fact that the entire matter of the star is melted and is liquid.
Therefore, its aura consists out of two parts:
a thin, weak and less intelligent layer that represents a sphere very close to the surface of the
star, that has been created by the remains of the auras of the elements that the star was
made of;
its main aura that is far away from the surface of the star and that has originated in the way
similar to the way the auras of the planets were made of. Due to its impressive dimensions
and the long period of development, as a rule, it reaches high intelligence and high capacities
to influence the hot mass.

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