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"What do we mean by being free? The truth that makes us free, enabling us to claim our freedom, must of necessity be a truth that does not deny the Unity of Good. Our freedom cannot be at the expense of others. We do have a freedom to love and be loved....We have a freedom to express all there is, but no freedom to rob someone else. We can be free of superstition and free of fear....You and I are individualized centers in God. No two persons are alike....That is why Emerson said, “Take yourself for better or for worse. Imitation is suicide.” Now since God is One, there is only one God....All of God is everywhere.

You and I are surrounded by a Presence, which is God the Spirit, and a Power, which is God the Law, and these are the two great realities. The Presence we may talk to, and It will answer: there is a communion. The Power is like every other law in the Universe: It obeys, It follows our word: It does unto us as we believe. And that is why affirmative prayer works. It is a statement: there is a Power greater than we are, and we can use It consciously. We can use that Power in Its greater sense only as we use It in love, in givingness, in peace, in joy, and only as we use It constructively. I believe all the Power there is in the Universe is delivered to each one of us for individual use. Now that is quite a thing to say."

Excerpted from Ideas of Power, Holmes Papers Volume 3, DeVorss Publications.

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