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Pablo Neruda - Pablo Neruda Poems

With chaste heart, and pure eyes
I celebrate you, my beauty,
restraining my blood
so that the line
surges and follows your contour,
and you bed yourself in my verse,
as in woodland, or wave-spume:
earth's perfume,
sea's music.

Nakedly beautiful,
whether it is your feet, arching
at a primal touch
of sound or breeze,
or your ears,
tiny spiral shells
from the splendor of America's oceans.
Your breasts also,
of equal fullness, overflowing
with the living light
and, yes, winged
your eyelids of silken corn
that disclose or enclose
the deep twin landscapes of your eyes.

The line of your back
separating you
falls away into paler regions
then surges
to the smooth hemispheres
of an apple,
and goes splitting
your loveliness into two pillars
of burnt gold, pure alabaster,
to be lost in the twin clusters of your feet,
from which, once more,
lifts and takes fire
the double tree of your symmetry:
flower of fire,
open circle of candles,
swollen fruit raised
over the meeting of earth and ocean.

Your body from what substances
agate, quartz, ears of wheat,
did it flow, was it gathered,
rising like bread
in the warmth,
and signalling hills silvered,
valleys of a single petal, sweetness's
of velvet depth,
until the pure, fine, form of woman
thickened and rested there.

It is not so much light that falls
over the world
extended by your body
its suffocating snow,
as brightness, pouring itself out of you,
as if you were
burning inside.

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Mladen80 (36)
како он лепо описује нагу жену без вулгарности
#4, 02.10.2016 - 17:44
Jedinstveni, neprikosnoveni Pablo...
03.10.2016 - 00:21
vreme (52)
*YES* :-)
#3, 13.09.2016 - 03:37
Enjoy the poem.
13.09.2016 - 07:40
Nista ja ne razumem, ne ja sprechovati englisch
#2, 12.09.2016 - 22:22
Šteta, prelepa je poema, Gledacu da Vam posaljem prevedeno.
13.09.2016 - 07:37

the sound of passion
#1, 12.09.2016 - 22:21
Da, obožavam njegove rime i izvodjenja. Hvala lepo!!!
13.09.2016 - 07:38

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